Low-res Samples are from video 'The Life of Kenny and Aunt Paige - Part 1'. All our Clips are high def, full screen, Format. If Clips do not open, right click & save to hard drive first.

Aunt Paige is masturbating privately on the couch when kenny comes over. He is very upset because he was just beaten up at school by a bunch of guys after
they saw photos online that Aunt Paige tagged of kenny in diapers and in sissy girl clothes. Aunt Paige can see that kenny is really upset and to console him,
she removes her top and pulls him into her beautiful breasts. She coddles him and allows him to suckle on her breasts as she comforts him and it does
make him feel special. Naturally, in this twisted family, kenny's Mother, Step-Mother and Aunt Paige don't really care too much about kenny's
discomfort as they feel entitled to use him in anyway that gives them pleasure, that's the most important thing. At the end of this clip, Aunt
Paige is so turned on by kenny's breast worship, she tells kenny she is going to ride his face... even though it has been beat up.

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