Imagine being one of the lucky horse slaves who get to serve under the beautiful Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Bijou Steal in this excellent
cruel riding video. For the first time ever, the Ladies team up for an afternoon of cruel riding fun. Mistress Bijou is wearing the razor sharp
Chilean spurs, and Mistress Jasmine is wearing the lethal 19th century Mexican spurs. The Mistresses decide that it would be fun to do
some cruel riding and equestrian training together. Of course they love to spur the horses and make them obey as they ride around
having fun, chatting with each other and being cruel to their horse slaves. They ride the horse slaves continuously with some great
rein control and spurring action we're sure you will enjoy. The video is mainly all-fours riding with some donkey lifts
containing heavy spurring and a bit of neck riding with chest spurring. Recommended for cruel riding fans!

Here, also, are some Riding Women Photos:

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