Mistress T and Mistress Samantha were walking with a couple of boys until complaining that their feet were hurting in their high heels. They
wanted shoulder rides. The boys picked them up and started to carry them. They realized that this would be good practice for a concert
they want to attend in the near future and they started to really make the horses work. They raced up and down the road and rode their
horses up a steep path. They would sometimes pause to enjoy the view but always remaining mounted. When the outdoor shoulder
riding was finished, they went back inside and both Ladies mounted one pony and demanded to be carried up the very long flight
of stairs. Mistress T mounted on the neck of the pony and Mistress Samantha mounted on his back. You will love this riding
video. The Ladies are all natural in their love of riding. It was Samantha's first ride and she didn't believe that a
Woman could get aroused from riding. During the ride She tells Mistress T that She now believes it.

Here, also, are some Riding Women Photos:

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